European Central Bank’s Lower Interest Rates – Stimulating Euro zone Economy

Due to the recent measures to of stimulating European economy, The European Central Bank has proclaimed low interest rates and cheap loans. European Central Bank’s Lower interest rates are set to help encourage banks in lending money to business and company owners, at low rates, instead of holding onto money and earning zero interest.

It is true that the Federal Reserve under Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen have engaged in unusual and emergency measures to stimulate the American economy. They are printing money in quantitative easing to help the stock market go up and some of that money is going into European markets. They are doing this with assistance of the ECB.

By these unconventional measures, stimulating euro zone economy, European Central Bank has become first major bank to use negative interest rates, by also lowering benchmark rates to 0.15 percents, which is almost double off original step percentage. Lower interest rates are rather uncommon and usually an indicator that economy market has lived to be in very bad shape. When bank is not in envious position, declining loans to independent businesses and small and medium companies often occurs.

Mario Dhagi has announced that European Central Bank’s Lower Interest rates could last in form of commercial bank rates for four more years. Negative rates work in a way that makes possible for banks to borrow more money from European Central Bank by giving more loans to business owners and small and medium companies. However, this solution can’t make up for inflation state on long tracks, so in the next four years more conventional measures should be considered.

Deflation is becoming more visible, as life standard in Europe is decreasing, but currency rate have fell to almost 1.4 US$, which makes it the lowest rate in five months. Deflation is still not a real-life problem to majority of citizens, but if the European Central Bank’s lower interest rates do not fix the economy shape, other serious problems might occur. Problems which might occur in the future, caused by deflation and bad economy state, are low consumption, increased unemployment rates and even investors’ retreat.

In order to avoid and fix Greece and Portugal scenario of increased unemployment and economical chaos, European Central Bank has to make every effort, but it also needs to be stressed out that not everything is in ECB hands. Commercial banks and government in European zone and affected areas and countries should also make every effort in fixing the bad economy state and step up in making smart decisions in order to recover the euro zone to its previous shape. For now, European Central Bank’s lower interest rates should be effective as temporary solution until more efficient measure appears.

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The Diversified Economy in Italy

The Italian economy is a diversified one with developed infrastructure and high GDP growth per capital. According to IMF, Italy is the fourth largest country in Europe and the eight largest countries in the world in terms of nominal GDP and the eleventh largest in terms of purchasing power parity.

Italy is a member of OECD, European Union, and the G8 industrialized nations. It is estimated that the country’s economy will grow 0.5% in 2014, 1.16% in 2015, and 1.26% in 2016.

1970 saw a period of social, political, and economic turmoil in Italian history. There was a high rise in unemployment, and by 1977 more than 800, 000 people under 24 were unemployed. The increase in the price of oil from 1973 to 1979 also affected their economy as inflation rose to a greater level. Their budget deficit became intractable and permanent, which is higher than any industrialized nation. The country’s currency (the lire) lost value consistently as the gross domestic product continued to drop.

This recession continued until in the 1980s when several governmental policies were set, which lowered inflation rate, steadied the economic growth, brought a tighter budget and deficit, and reduced the cost of public spending.
But the unemployment rate was still high. However, as the foreign exchange was being liberalized within that period, the economy grew rapidly and gradually left the economic recession.

The global economic crisis in 2008 hit the Italian economy very had as it shrunk by 6.8% from 2007 to 2011. The country’s public debt stood at 115% of Gross Domestic Product in 2010, according to Eurostat., making it the second largest debt ration asides Greece (with 127%).

With the public debt measures initiated in 2010, the country targeted a budget deficit of 2.9% and 2.7% in 2011 and 2012 respectively. Italy’s weakening economic growth prospects means that further downgrades might still occur. Their economy was even rated low by two rating agencies: Moody and Standard & Poor sovereign debt rating. But the Italian government has taken measures to come out of this crisis. Different austerities measures have been adopted by the Italian government to swerve away from the economic turmoil that have seen the economy lose grounds among world economic superpowers. There have been fiscal and monetary policies by the government to cushion the effect of the economic recession witnessed over the years. Currently, the Italian economy is gradually picking pace and returning to the previously vibrant state it was known for.

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Self-Massaging – Relaxing and Very Very Cheap

Self-Massaging – Relaxing and Very Very Cheap 
Saturday, July 31, 2010, 08:31 PM – Relaxation
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During a hard work day anyone might feel a little down and in need for a massage. Still, massage salons are pretty expensive and also you can ‘t leave work during the day to go get a massage. That ‘s where knowing some techniques of self-massage comes in handy. You can do it in your office and you don’t have to spend a dime, as you will be massaging yourself.

There are techniques for every part of your body, but not everyone can learn those. It is better to stick to the simple ones that will help you get through a tough day. First of all, your hands. Using the thumb from the right hand, massage your left hand between the thumb and the index finger. That fleshy spot will release a nice sensation of relaxation when massaged and it is known as a key acupressure point.

There are ways to massage your feet also. Take of your shoes and socks and sit comfortably with one leg over the other. Now, with both hands, massage one of your feet and work your way from the heel to the toes. Keep doing it for a few minutes then do the same to the other foot. Also, you can try using a rolling pin or a tennis ball. All you have to do is move your foot forward and backward while having the rolling pin underneath it. Do this for a couple of minutes then change your foot.

Your neck and shoulders also need stress release. Do that by massaging your right shoulder and the right side of your neck with your left hand and viceversa. This will help you a lot as the neck and the shoulders are usually the most tensed parts of your body.

After a hard day of work a massage might be just what you need. Self-massaging will help you keep your money and release the stress at the same time.

By: Adrian F Alexa
Adrian is the editor of this article. He also started a new project about the importance of a pet safe fence. This is a website where you can also find out more about what an electric pet fence represents.

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Ways to Relax Yourself

Saturday, July 31, 2010, 08:26 PM – Relaxation
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The state of the economy nowadays can make anyone stressed and annoyed with no regard to the efforts made to assure yourself stability and control. No worries though, since one of the most effective ways of relaxation actually uses the tension in your body to your advantage. The method is pretty simple and is based on the premises that you don ‘t know how your body feels like when it is tensed. By tensing yourself purposely you can learn which muscles are causing the tension, how does it feel and how can you avoid it. Experts consider this one of the most valuable ways to relax yourself and reduce the tension in your body.

Here ‘s what you need to do. Go to a place where you can have some privacy. Sit or lie down, as comfortably as possible, and close your eyes. Start tensing different parts of your body, but don ‘t push yourself to hard. If you feel any pain or discomfort, give it up. After that you should hold the tension in your body for like 10 seconds, then release it really quick. You will feel a nice sensation of relaxation now. Let it last for half a minute or so then repeat the process. By the end you will feel very good. Try repeating the process for every part of your body you feel tensed.

If you don ‘t have enough time in your hands you can always try the quickie method. It allows you to relax faster if you can ‘t afford to waste any time. It ‘s basically the same, only now you will have to tense up all your body areas at the same time. It is very effective if you repeat it a few times during the day.

Everyone needs a good way to relax himself when feeling a bit down. Learning these type of exercise will give you the chance to release the tension in your body without having to do anything special like going to the gym or getting a massage.

By: Adrian F Alexa
Adrian is the editor of this article. He also started a new project about the importance of a pet safe fence. This is a website where you can also find out more about fences for dogs.

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Strategies For Effectively Preventing Anxiety Attacks

Strategies For Effectively Preventing Anxiety Attacks 
Saturday, July 31, 2010, 08:14 PM – Anxiety
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Most of the people I’ve met who have anxiety attacks are almost always afraid to express themselves to certain people in their lives. So they continue dishonoring themselves by walking on eggshells and not expressing what’s really going on.

You can get rid of your anxiety attacks and be Anxiety Free. Anxiety is a terrible condition to have and leaves you feeling very isolated. You need to learn to understand your anxiety and then take control of it. Control through;

1. Searching out your Trigger Points and what it is about them that affects you
2. Understanding and directing your Self Talk
3. Building support with loved ones and friends
4. Facing each anxiety and panic attack knowing it will not harm you
5. Forcing uncomfortable situations on yourself
6. Facing your fears and seeing them for what they aren’t

Restructure priorities: Emphasize positive, effective behavior.

Make time for recreational and pleasurable activities.

Communicate: Explain and assert your needs to someone you trust; write in a journal to express your feelings.

Try to focus on positive outcomes and finding methods for reducing and managing stress.

When you get anxious, try remove yourself from what is around you (go to the toilets, lock yourself in there!!); count to 10 (breath in through nose out through your mouth!); remind yourself you are safe, no one is going to hurt you.

Learn yoga, tai chi, or a similar art. Try reading self-help books that stress self-control and help you develop it.

I suggest you take a serious time out from everyone and everything and relax for a couple of days. Give your body time to recharge and settle down.

By: Darren Webb
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Overcoming Panic Quickly – 3 Steps to Overcoming Panic Attacks

Overcoming Panic Quickly – 3 Steps to Overcoming Panic Attacks 
Saturday, July 31, 2010, 08:06 PM – Anxiety
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Overcoming panic attacks can be scary at first, but the process does not need to be complicated. In fact, as a panic attack sufferer myself, I have found that the simplest solution has often been the most effective.

Panic attacks are a real, physical ailment. Do not let anyone tell you different. Just because someone who has not experienced one does not understand it does not make it less real for you.

Here is what you need to do in order to overcome panic:

First. Take three breaths to help you relax.

Taking deep breaths will help you relax. It will also help to calm your mind, which is largest part of overcoming panic quickly. If you need to take more than three, do so. The point is to divert your immediate attention away from the physical stresses you are feeling.

Step two. Talk yourself through the moment.

Now that you have distracted your attention for just a moment, you have the break you need to start talking yourself through the moment. Without distracting yourself, you cannot focus on anything other than what you are feeling, giving your mind no other avenue. Once you are able to think about something else (anything else) for only a moment, you can now talk to yourself about a topic. Any topic will do – the point is that by focusing on this unrelated topic will allow you to dampen the effects of the attack. This will take some practice but is a very necessary part of the process.

Step three. Prove to yourself that you are ok.

Wiggle your fingers and your toes.

Count the number of breaths and heartbeats you have in one minute.

Gently pinch the backs of your hands.

Do whatever it takes to let yourself know you are alive. It may not be pleasant, but at least you are OK.

The whole purpose of these three steps are to get you to relax. By relaxing, you will help alleviate the symptoms that are occurring in your body. Believe it or not, your mind has a lot of control over this process.

Overcoming panic attacks requires you to work through the fear of having them.

Not easy to do.

But something that must be done.

By: Derek Michael
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Stress Factors – Common Stress Factors and How to Eliminate Them

Stress Factors – Common Stress Factors and How to Eliminate Them 
Saturday, July 31, 2010, 08:01 PM – General
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Most people will tell you that many stressors fill their world. Identifying them specifically as well as choosing some activity to eliminate them contributes to improved health and well being.

The most common stress-inducer is time. People say there is never enough time to finish the task. They say there is never enough time to get it all done.

Most women will tell you they never have time for themselves. They never have time to take care of their own needs – including time to do something fun.

When you fail to fuel yourself with love and activities that leave you feeling relaxed and fulfilled, your body, mind and spirit feel the stress and may develop real symptoms, aches, pains or illness – just to get your attention!

On that same subject, taking care of oneself…

Many people, especially women, find themselves agreeing to take on tasks they no way want to do. Their vocabulary lacks the very important word, “No.”

How do you feel when you agree to do a task for someone you know darned well that you absolutely do not want to do yet you also fear saying, “No.”

That horrible feeling inside stresses you and impairs your health – emotionally and physically. In addition to doing something you do not want to do you probably feel like a traitor to yourself.

You know you are not making time to take care of yourself and do fun stuff just for the sake of relaxation and joy. Yet here you are agreeing to spend time doing a chore you do not even want to do!

What kind of message are you sending to your self image, your self esteem and your pride?

Not being able to ask for help when you really need it also causes your heart to skip a beat or pound a little harder. How come you willingly tell others you will help them with tasks you do not want to do yet you will not ask others to help you do your tasks?

Another intensely painful stressor is being shy. I know that one first hand. When you are shy no matter where you go, if there is a crowd (more that two people) your stress level rises.

Procrastination also creates great stress. Wanting to do something yet not getting to it leaves you feeling less than, maybe even unworthy or deprived.

Every one of those stressors comes from a definition and experience in which you assigned that meaning to those terms.

You can make different choices and watch how fast your life changes.

By: Ali Bierman
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And remember… Don’t give up hope… You do NOT have to live with stress – ever!

Ali Bierman, Your Guide To Destress

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How to Stop Worrying and Be Happy

Joy and happiness is a conspiracy. There is nothing in this world outside of you that can preserve your very own happiness no issue what anybody might tell you. We usually tend to think that if we only had something or someone in our lives that we would become really happy, however this is totally untrue.

As a result of these suggestions that have actually been fed to us because our childbirth, many of us invest our whole lives fretting about occasions and situations or things that we do not have in our lives. This worry and stress and anxiety produces other troubles in our lives such as sickness and illness and various other forms of unfavorable situations and circumstances.

As opposed to attracting abundance in to our lives, we wind up attracting additional of things we do not wish. Actually, we end up drawing in the really things that we are constantly bothering with merely due to the fact that our negative attitude has an effect on every part of our lives, from things we point out to things we do.

In order to stop stressing over the things in your life that are not going the way in which you intended it, start to discover methods that you can create an internal joy and happiness that will really aid you to entice the positive events and scenarios in your life that you truly wish.

Right here are a few pointers and concepts to assist you to quit stressing and enjoy. Notice that most of these suggestions are focused on you developing an inner joy and happiness that you can hold with you anywhere.

Locate Your Function or Establish an Advantageous Target

This is the beginning factor of inner joy and happiness just because you’ll have a large enough need to rise every morning and respond.

At times it can take awhile for us to locate an ideal function in our lives that fill us with joy and happiness, so as opposed to searching for some deep and great objective to concentrate on, just begin to ask on your own, “Exactly what do I truly wish to deliver about in my life that will bring me GRATIFICATION?”.

It is necessary that this function or objective that you are establishing has the prospective to bring you a feeling of satisfaction. It can be anything from a journey to an away country, to helping another person, and even making a lovely piece of fine art. However it should be something that can deliver you gratification.

The concept right here is that a purpose or a goal that you hold in your thoughts will certainly keep you concentrated on something that fills you with pleasing expectancy as opposed to anxiety and ingratitude.

So remember to not just establish this goal or purpose, yet to write it down and place it someplace that you will see it EVERYDAY.

Knowingly Pursue Personal Development.

By purposely grabbing the personal advancement process in your life, you will begin to see ways in which you could significantly enhance your very own self-beliefs and habits to achieve your meeting target.

This does not suggest that you should end up being some kind of self-help enthusiast, however it does mean that you ought to be participated in some type of personal development that has the prospective to raise your very own individual joy and happiness.

The self enhancement process is among the most helpful means to stop fretting and come to be a healthier person. Because you are knowingly looking for means to improve your abilities and character, you will certainly not just end up being a much more pleasant individual to others, yet you will come to be a lot more nice to yourself.

The idea behind personal development is not to achieve a capability or character target, however to familiarize your very own growth (or do not have thereof) in the various locations of your life.

For example, if you know that you have a mood problem, rather than hiding it or pressing it down, end up being conscious of the procedure and actively seek out methods to alter it.

Read manuals on your issue or look for the advice of others that desire to best regards aid you. By doing this, you boost your very own worth to the globe, which raises confidence, which improves happiness.

Obtain Out of Your Head.

This could seem like it negates the individual advancement procedure, but it doesn’t. To make sure that you do not end up being a self-help enthusiast and wind up fretting about your very own individual development and joy again, discover ways to obtain out of your head and in to your physical body or in to the minute.

This is completed by either doing things that obtain your body in continual motion or by spending time with people that provide you a feeling of GRATIFICATION.

Physical exercise is a great means to obtain into your own physical body, and the perks of workout routine could never be underrated. We stay in a society that sees workout as a pastime, or something that you do when you have the moment.

The fact is, workout routine plays a crucial job in keeping the mind and physical body free from worry, illness, and disease. So find a workout routine program that you take pleasure in, experiment. Make the process of finding the ideal workout routine curriculum a delight in and of itself.

Hanging out with impressive and satisfying individuals is always a great means to shut out of your very own head as well. Instead of hanging out bothering with your life and exactly what you don’t have, you’ll be spending time taking pleasure in the actual life that you already have.

Great friends and associates could assist minimize the stresses of everyday life, and you can in fact learn a whole lot from others while doing so as well.

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How to Become Relaxed – Five Easy Steps

We live in a rapid paced culture, established up with every gizmo you can possibly imagine that keeps us connected. Content, e-mail, Facebook – you call it, you can stay associated with individuals 24 hours a day. Yet has this really helped? Or have we developed a capability that we can never ever unplug? With constantly being “attached” or “plugged in”, it’s simple for us to end up being worried. Lots of people show themselves stressed, strained and drawn in several instructions. Numerous spend great deals of cash attempting to learn the best ways to be relaxed. Below are five straightforward factors in aiding you to relax and stay that way.

1.Pay attention to relaxing music daily – Take a while from each day (I know … I do not have time either!) to relax and relax and hear music that makes you really feel great. Whether you decide on jazz music, Latin, or seem scape style music, disconnect, unload and put your feet up – shut your eyes and…”relax”.


2. Don’t Get Buried By The Small Things – Each day we experience circumstances that will likely be beyond our command. Yes, a few of them could be a result of inadequate selections from the past, but many points that turn up will be out of your control. When this take place, quit – count to ten and actually ask yourself “Is this a little specific that’s unworthy over responding to”? When we don’t over responding to life’s small stuff – that alone could assist you feel loosened up.

3. Make Good Food Choices – Ever before heard of waste in waste out? Well it’s true. Exactly what you consume plays a major turn in in just how you really feel as well as your responses. So the following time you locate on your own at the vending device ready to get some fast food – do not. Make a healthy and balanced selection today. Your mind and body will certainly thanks for it.


4. Think Positive – Did you understand that your ideas can manage your mood and exactly how you really feel? A whole lot of individuals will usually believe badly concerning a circumstance even before they understand a last outcome! This could avoid your body from every participating in a zone of relaxation. While it is necessary to remain concentrated on reality, stay clear of negativity at all expense.

5. Tension in the Mind – calming exercise: Physical exercise -There’s a big plus right here specifically when integrated with relaxing music as explained previously. When you exercise, you launch oxygen and blood circulation to the brain. When this occurs it can immediately make you dropped much better.


So there it is; 5 easy steps to help you come to be loosened up!

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